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Oct 24, 2022
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πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€πŸ‘½ Players Support [email protected] (Avg. Response: 1h)

If you are into free and fun rocket games and looking for delightful sci fi spaceship simulator or spacecraft games, then this space flight simulator will make you really happy.
Enjoy exciting rocketship games with this rocket launch game where you upgrade your fleet.
Space Rocket Master (SRM) comes with an amazing gameplay and great environments that will delight any hardcore rocket ship or space ship games fan!
Delight yourself with fantastic rocket launch and flight in one of the newest rocketship games which offer amazing animations and sound effects.
Manage your space agency and fleet like a space tycoon and initiate successful Spatial rocket launch to win and unlock levels. But wait, you are also a great rocket Pilot!
Overcome challenging obstacles in different levels to feel the total excitement of a great spacecraft game. This Space Rocket game provides fun and exciting at the same time. You can enjoy this fun space flight simulator anytime, anywhere on your device to refresh yourself from boredom and stress.

🌌100 missions
πŸš€14 rockets/Shuttle
βœ”οΈ280 upgrades.
🏒13 space agency levels
πŸ†Great rewards
βš™οΈ30 special technologies to boost your Spatial fleet
🍿Amazing story with 99 episodes to unlock
πŸŒ‘20 different space agency ambiant scene (Africa, Europe, Usa, Sea, Iland, Secret Base, South America, Russia, China, Antarctica, Moon &+)

This spaceship simulator is one of those delightful rocket games packs that anyone can enjoy if they have interest in spatial asteroids and rocketship games. This Spatial rocket launch or spaceship simulator will take you to a state of real pleasure with fun space flight simulator where you can cross the limit of the sky and have some space exploration.

πŸš€ A FUN GAME plenty of action
The core game (missions) is fun and simple as other addicting games. You need to launch the space ship at the best engine regime, which is near 85%. If you succeed to launch the spaceship saving enough fuel, you get a chance to win. Dodge asteroids with your space shuttle to accomplish the mission in one of the most fun space dodging games.

In order to win in this spacecraft game, you’d have to arrive to the victory altitude. You must avoid certain dangers during the spaceship flight. The spacecraft game features three buttons: left, right, and shield. Use these buttons to avoid asteroids and obstacles. You’ll get to see UI alarms to warn you about upcoming meteor, asteroids or dangers. Avoid those outer space objects to arrive to the targeted altitude and win.

This space flight simulator or spacecraft game features 3 types of missions: Regular, Xtrem, and Secret. Each type features different ambient, difficulty, and challenges that will delight and excite you!

✈️Regular obstacles : dodge
β›ˆοΈStorm: thunderbolt stop your engine if it hits the space ship
πŸŒͺ️Strong Wind: push your rocket ship out of the trajectory
πŸš€Rival Shuttle: they come from above
πŸ›©οΈAircraft will chase the Shuttle and try to shoot it down
πŸ’£Bomber will chase the spaceship and launch missiles to blow it
πŸ›©οΈπŸ›©οΈMulti Aircraft or bomber ambush : dodge bullets and missiles
πŸ›°οΈKiller satellite, use shield!
πŸ’₯The rocket ship is targeted by AAG.
β˜„οΈAsteroids Collision fields: Various colliding objects
– Meteor/asteroids: use shield
– Radiation: use shield
– Space rocket debris : push the space ship
– Ice blocs: Stop space ship engine
– EMP Mine: stop spaceship engine
– Regular Mine: use shield

You will enjoy the Space Rocket Master – spaceship simulator game.
In the space inc adventure become the astronaut you always wanted to be. From earth to the moon and beyond Mars, a fun new game 2021 await you. If you like addicting games and dodging games you’ll love Space Rocket Master.

Happy Flight astronaut! πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€

What's new

Version 6.1.7 _
- New Patch.
- Api level 33.
- SDK updated.
Version 6.1.5 _
- New Difficulty Balance (Mission4, 8, 9, 13, 19)
- Rocket behaviour updated for beginners.
- New SDK updated
- Minor Bugs fixed.


- +99 Missions
- +14 Rockets
- +750 upgrades and technologies
- Language: English, French, Spanish, Portugueze