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Draw colorful lines on the stage to expand your area!
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Nov 23, 2022
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Draw colorful lines on the stage to expand your area!
If you enclose the opponent’s area together, it will quickly change to your own!
Let’s repaint the stage steadily and create a huge area.

It’s up to you to decide what kind of strategy you want to take, whether it’s steadily expanding or expanding at once.
Let’s aim for perfect clear by running around the area carefully and boldly at times! !!

▼ Enclose with a line to expand the area
You can expand the area by going out of your area and connecting the lines.
Create the largest area in the field!
But when the line is cut, I retire on the spot …
Look around and plan your strategy so that your line is not erased!

▼ Play with your friends and other players in the ranking
You can compete for the size of the area at regular ranking events.
And a nice reward will be given to the top ranking players.
Play a lot of games and get excited with your friends!

▼ Let’s aim for improvement with the mission function that works alone
The mission function is recommended for you who find it difficult to rank!
By clearing it steadily, you may be getting better at playing before you know it.
Every time you clear it, a gift will be prepared, so please do your best.

▼ Let’s get various skins
If you clear the conditions, you can get various skins!
Depending on the skin, your area and line pattern will change.
A ranch and a hamburger in the pool!
How many skins can you open?

▼ Special tips for aiming for 100% clearing
If you divide the area into two, the smaller area will disappear.
Let’s patrol the expanded area firmly so as not to be robbed!
Protect your area and fill other players’ areas well!

■ Recommended for people like this!
・ I like “ 2”
・ I like camp games
・ I like brain games
・ I want to play easily and quickly
・ I like to collect skins
・ Seeking a feeling of exhilaration
・ I’m looking for hyper casual
・ I’m looking for an easy-to-use game
・ I’m looking for an exhilarating casual game
・ People who want to relieve stress
・ People who want to kill time
・ People who want to take a position
・ People who like to take positions
・ People who like to dye their own color

【Recommended environment】
Android 6 and above

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