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Name 脳活力診断
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MOD APK + OBB (Unlocked/Unlimited Money)
Unlocked/Unlimited Money
Game’s Unlimited Money, coins
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脳活力診断 MOD APK + OBB Description: 『脳活力診断』ではあなたの脳活力を簡単に調べることができます。まずは自分の脳活力がどの程度なのか調べてみましょう。






“Brain vitality diagnosis” allows you to easily check your brain vitality. First, let’s find out how much your brain is vital.
In addition to examining brain vitality, this app allows you to train your “memory”. “Today’s training” for those who want to proceed little by little every day can be played in a short time, so please continue every day.
In “Brain Activity Garden”, you can use the coins obtained from training to grow flowers in the garden.
Let’s enjoy playing every day and improve your memory.

● Brain vitality diagnosis
By answering a few questions and simple questions, you will be able to improve your brain vitality to the extent that you will not be in trouble in your daily life.
Evaluate the presence or absence in a short time. (It can also be used for simple diagnosis of cognitive function)
● Intermediate brain vitality diagnosis
Intermediate level will be displayed on the menu if you get 90 points or more in the brain vitality diagnosis. The difficulty level is set higher, so please try it.
● Advanced brain vitality diagnosis
At the advanced level, more difficult questions will be asked, so only those who are confident should try.

“Today’s training”
We will continue to play 3 types of training on a daily basis. By playing repeatedly, you can train your memory. You can receive coins that can be used in the brain training garden according to your grades (excellent, excellent, good, acceptable).

“Memory training”
Feel free to play from the following 7 types of training. You can receive coins that can be used in the brain training garden according to your grades (excellent, excellent, good, acceptable).

● Memory numbers
Instantly remember panels 1 to 9 and tap them in order! Train your momentary memory.
● Memory weakness
Instantly remember and tap the displayed pair! Train your instantaneous memory and graphic memory.
● Continuous memory
Memorize the pictures that are displayed continuously and tap them in order! Ideal for instant memory training.
● Memory rock-paper-scissors
Simultaneous processing that remembers the other party’s hand and puts out the hand more and more according to the instructions! Make memories and judgments instantly.
● Memory worm-eaten calculation
A calculation game that remembers the previous calculation formula and answers! Let’s do more and more memory and calculation.
● Finding mistakes in memory
Remember the arrangement of the displayed flowers and answer the different parts in order! You can improve your memory by repeating it many times.
● Whac-A-Mole
Remember the order in which the moles came out and tap the holes! Let’s challenge how much you can remember.
● How many
Count and remember the animals that go in and out of the house! Let’s challenge the problems that become more and more difficult.
● Memory dictation
Answer the kanji that increases one by one by handwriting! Let’s challenge how many kanji you can learn to get longer and longer.

“Garden of Brain Activity”
In the garden of brain activity, you can use the coins obtained from brain vitality diagnosis, today’s training, memory training, etc. to purchase flower seeds and plant them in the flowerbed to water them.
When you harvest the flowers and reach your goal, new seeds will arrive.
When a butterfly comes to a flower, you may get a rare seed!
Please challenge yourself to see if you can make 180 kinds of flowers bloom.

* This product uses the handwritten character recognition engine “Rakuhira®” of Panasonic Corporation. Rakuhira is a registered trademark of Panasonic Corporation.

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