ハマる 大富豪 − ライフ不要・対戦もOK MOD APK + OBB (Unlocked/Unlimited Money)

OK MOD APK OBB UnlockedUnlimited Money

ハマる 大富豪 − ライフ不要・対戦もOK MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money) Download

Name ハマる 大富豪 − ライフ不要・対戦もOK
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MOD Features Unlimited Money
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MOD APK + OBB (Unlocked/Unlimited Money)
Unlocked/Unlimited Money
Game’s Unlimited Money, coins
ハマる 大富豪 − ライフ不要・対戦もOK games screenshots and MOD APK + OBB features:

ハマる 大富豪 − ライフ不要・対戦もOK screenshots 1

ハマる 大富豪 − ライフ不要・対戦もOK MOD APK + OBB Description: サクサク遊べる『ハマる 大富豪』が登場
▽ 無料 で ライフ も不要!
▽ ひとり でも 対戦 でも遊び放題!
▽ ローカルルール が 40 種類以上!

▽ ジックリ! ゲームモードが充実!
▽ ドキドキ! 階級によって背景が変化!?
▽ ワクワク! 勝利の報酬で日本が買える!?

ひとりでコツコツ! + みんなでワイワイ!



◆「ハマる 大富豪」の誕生

ひとりでサクッと遊べる大ヒットアプリ「大富豪V」と、対戦でも遊べる「ハマる シリーズ」が合体し、楽しさに磨きをかけた『ハマる 大富豪』が誕生しました。

ハマる シリーズの『ババ抜き』『七並べ』『花札こいこい』も是非お試しください。




– 最高ランクを目指す「チャレンジ」
– 難易度を選んで遊ぶ「カスタム」














[PRO.APP] ハマる シリーズ
ハマる 大富豪 – ライフ不要・対戦もOK
(c)P.R.O Corporation
Addictive Daifugo
“Hamari Millionaire” appears to be able to play crisply
▽ Free and no life required!
▽ All-you-can-fight even if you are alone!
▽ More than 40 types of local rules!

Full of PRO.APP original “hammer” element
▽ Gikuri! Enrich game mode!
▽ Doki Doki! The background changes according to class !?
▽ thrilling! You can buy Japan with compensation of victory!?

Carefully alone! + Everyone is crazy!
Play the trump royal road “Millionaire” Gatsuri

Let’s aim to be Japan’s richest millionaire by your technique polished at school and travel etc!


The birth of “Hamari Millionaire”

A big hit application “Millionaire V” that you can play with casually and “Hamari series” that you can play in match-up are united, and “Hamari millionaire” honed with fun was born.

Please also try Hama series series “Baba withdrawal” “Seven orders” “Hanafuko Koi Koi” by all means.

◆ “Local Rules” over 40 types!

· [Game progress (x3)]
· [Revolution (x5)]
· [Stairs (x2)]
· [Hands (x6)]
· [Number of jokers]
· [Spare 3 return]
· [8 cut] [4 stop]
· [11 back] [strengthening 11 back]
· [7 pass]
· [10 discard]
· [Skip 5/13 Skip]
· [9 reverse / 12 reverse]
· [12 Bomber]
· [Prohibited Upward (x8)]
· [Murotochika]
· [Other (x6)]

◆ Enjoy being surprised even by “alone”!

· Play against 20 characters with different strength and personality
· Two types of game modes can be played slowly
– “Challenge” aiming for the highest rank
– Choose difficulty and play “Custom”
· Bonus games also have fun double

◆ We can enjoy it with “everyone”!

· Online battle with friends and nationwide players
· Notify “Friends” or “Room URL” to friends
* Battle requires Android 5.0 or later.

◆ The background changes depending on “that” class!

· When winning, it is luxurious, when it loses it is tattered. . .
· When it comes to revolution! What?

◆ “Buy Japan” with a reward of victory

· Get ​​rich according to class
· Purchase state prefecture rich with accumulated
· Is it good to buy a lot?
· Competition with users across the country in total asset ranking

◆ Other functions are “Tenko prime!”

· Just enjoy “raising” level
· Judge your skills!? Aim for the highest “rank”
· Working “Daily Stamp” as a daily worker
· Top ranking of “World Ranking” by cumulative score
· Check the grades with “My Record”
· Stress free with handy “option”
· Change the “design” of the card as you like

Introduction of “PRO.APP”

PRO.APP is an application / brand name of PAR-Oh Co., Ltd. located in Yokohama.
Thanks to PRO.APP, it has exceeded the cumulative total of 10 million downloads in the series.

◆ “Inquiries”

Please contact us via email from the Info page in the application so we will respond individually to questions and troubleshooting.
Since we will continue to develop and operate better applications in the future, we would be pleased if you would like us to review your comments and requests.


[PRO.APP] Hamar series
Hammer Millionaire – No Life Required · Match also OK
(c) P.R.O Corporation
Addictive Daifugo
– プロフィール画像で選択できるアイコンの数が増えました!
– プロフィール画像を端末内の画像(アルバム等)から設定する機能は無くなりました。
– 不具合の修正とメンテナンスを行いました。

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